Inspiring organizations to sustainability


Why Eden?

Eden represents this wonderful garden from the origins of times in which all things and creatures live in harmony. Until the action of mankind ruins it by disrespecting the garden’s laws.
Through Eden, we are establishing a parallel between how mankind is spoiling the planet with some unconscious and careless actions and we would like to call us all to rebuild this heavenly garden on our beautiful planet earth, working within nature’s laws to sustain a fair and balanced future for all generations.

About the Founder

Caroline Bustillos holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from one of the best University of Economy in France (Université Paris Dauphine). After working in Financial Audit, Corporate Controlling and Reporting for over a decade, she finds herself trapped in a way of doing business that she does no longer embrace. Nature lover, backpacker and sailor, she decides to dive into the Sustainability world where she finds answers to a lot of issues and crisis she witnessed on her path.
After obtaining her Sustainability Certificate from UCLA, and the LEED Green Associate Certification she starts her consulting practice to help businesses and organizations on their transition towards Sustainability. Her way to try to make the world a better place.